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Stop foreclosure Saginaw with expert bankruptcy services!

Losing your home is a terrifying possibility. However, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy causes your foreclosure proceedings to halt. Give Detroit Bankruptcy Law a call and our attorneys will figure out a way to stop your foreclosure.

Filing for bankruptcy to stop foreclosure activates an automatic stay, no matter if you have an eviction notice—you can stay in your home. If you suspect that your home may be foreclosed on, get in touch with Rita Kostopoulos Law and Detroit Bankruptcy law as soon as possible for help.

Stepping into our building, you’ll find expert lawyers Saginaw who can figure out your case in order to settle your debt. You don’t deserve to lose your home; we want to help create a plan for you. Don’t let foreclosure proceedings continue, stop them today with help from Detroit Bankruptcy Law.

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure and protect my home?

If your home is foreclosed on due to too many missed payments, it will be sold at a sheriff’s auction. It doesn’t happen right away, but it can happen more quickly than you’d expect. Let our expert attorneys help you file for bankruptcy to save your property.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 will stop your foreclosure proceedings immediately, and the automatic stay that’s put into effect will keep you in your home. Bankruptcy will stop your foreclosure proceedings.

If your home has been repossessed but not sold at a sheriff’s auction yet, then you can use bankruptcy to put the sale on hold. The chapter of bankruptcy that you choose to file has an effect on what happens with foreclosure, so make sure to have an attorney with the expertise to know what will happen.

Bankruptcy isn’t always the only option, you could have others available like loan modifications or deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Based on your case, we can figure out what option is best, while bankruptcy will stop foreclosure, you may have other more beneficial options available.

Expert advice and representation for bankruptcy Saginaw

We are proud to say that we have helped over 10,000 people file for bankruptcy. We have the extensive knowledge of bankruptcy laws needed to create the perfect plan for you. Whether you need to stop a foreclosure in process, have received an eviction notice, or need to stop property tax foreclosure, our team can help as soon as you need it. Our expert staff will make a noticeable difference in your case.