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You have the legal right to settle with debt collectors and stop harassment from creditors!

When a creditor is trying to collect from you, they aren’t concerned with how you got into debt with them. The majority of creditors follow the laws about debt collection, but not all do. Some are impatient and resort to illegal methods of debt collection through harassment. If you think that a creditor is harassing you, call Detroit Bankruptcy Law now so that we can set them straight and hold them accountable. We’ll listen to the methods they’ve used and check to see if anything they’ve done counts as creditor harassment. If they did harass you, then they’ve violated your rights and we can make sure that they pay for breaking the law. Southgate creditor harassment consists of behaviors like negotiating debt with your boss, coercing you, or intimidating you, among other things. We can give you a free consultation at Detroit Bankruptcy Law to show you what we can do to fight back against Southgate creditor harassment.

We have seen every different kind of creditor harassment that creditors have tried throughout the long history of Detroit Bankruptcy Law. We’re familiar with all of their tricks and what they think they can get away with. We know what to look for, and we know how to stop it. Your rights, given to you by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) cannot be violated, and if they are, then that creditor is in legal trouble. These rights protect you against things like manipulations, deception, and abuse. If your creditor is trying any of these tactics to get you to pay, get in touch with us now and we’ll put a stop to it.

What is creditor harassment?

There isn’t a creditor out there who doesn’t know about your rights according to the FDCPA, they just choose to violate them in hopes that you don’t know about them. Look out for these kinds of behaviors which are illegal according to the FDCPA and count as Southgate creditor harassment:

  • Threatening you with negative consequences, such as incarceration, wage garnishment, or asset seizure without the legal right to do so.
  • Advising you that your refusal to pay your debt is a criminal offense.
  • When discussing with creditors, threatening to commit a crime or use physical assault.
  • Constantly calling you in order to irritate you.
  • When dealing with creditors, threatening to commit a crime or use physical assault.
  • Failing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor.

You can make it illegal for creditors to contact you in any way by filing for Southgate bankruptcy. It’s illegal for them to contact you during bankruptcy due to the automatic stay. They can’t even try collection attempts while bankruptcy is active. No direct contact means that everything they want to send or say to you has to go straight to your bankruptcy attorney at Detroit Bankruptcy Law instead. Since they broke the law before, we can’t guarantee that they won’t ignore this one, too. But if they do, then they are only making your case for creditor harassment even stronger. Then, we can use this against them to win your Southgate creditor harassment lawsuit and make them pay you for damages.

Can bankruptcy fix this issue?

It can and it does. This is because of the automatic stay and how it makes it illegal for creditors to contact you during bankruptcy at all. Once bankruptcy is finished, you should have your debts mostly if not completely settled.

If you want the greatest bankruptcy lawyers in Southgate and Southeast Michigan, then come to Detroit Bankruptcy Law for help. With our vast experience, expertise, and many board certifications, we are fully prepared to help you with your debt issues and stop Southgate creditor harassment. We can help you clear your credit card debt and end creditor harassment, call Detroit Bankruptcy Law now for a free consultation!