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Student Loan Forgiveness

Some federal and private student loans are potentially dis-chargeable through bankruptcy.

Credit Card debt you do not need to live with!

Have you been struggling with credit card debt long enough? It’s time to put an end to it. Credit card debt is eliminated through bankruptcy.

Medical Debt will destroy your future, we can help!

Medical is one of the leading causes for filing bankruptcy because accidents happen. Life happens, and medical emergencies are never intentional.

We can get your repossessed car back in your driveway!

Protect yourself! It is important that you speak with us at The Detroit Bankruptcy Team Attorneys. At our firm, we’ve helped hundreds of clients keep their car from the hands of creditors.

Tax Issues? In some cases we can help with the IRS!

Filing for bankruptcy can leave you with back taxes, interest, and penalties being discharged. You just have to qualify for tax forgiveness for back taxes owed to the IRS.