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Many people have the same question when it comes to filing bankruptcy: how do I even get the money to file?

The law prohibits us from steering you towards borrowing money to pay the fees to file. It isn’t against the law to do so, only against the law for us to advise you to borrow money for bankruptcy purposes. According to the law, it is acceptable to borrow money for bankruptcy under certain circumstances, as long as your plan is to pay it back.

There are other ways to pay for bankruptcy though. Other ways to file include:

  1. Pay for it in cash – either by what is in your bank account or on hand.
  2. Hold off making any more payments on your debts thank the bankruptcy may eliminate.
  3. Some people have given up their home or vehicle. They stopped making house and car payments in order to file.
  4. Some have received gifts from friends or family.
  5. You can borrow money from a friend or family member who knows how you will use the money.
  6. Take a loan from your 401K.
  7. Pick up a 2nd or 3rd part-time job until you have enough to pay for filing.
  8. Use your tax refund.
  9. Look into taking a loan out from the cash value of your life insurance policy.
  10. Get a roommate or move in with someone long enough to save the money.
  11. Go through your assets and sell some things.
  12. Talk to your employer about getting an advance on your paycheck or a possible loan.
  13. Rent out a room in your house.
  14. Go through your monthly budget and cut out unnecessary expenses.
  15. If you have kids that are old enough to work, have them get a temporary job.
  16. Pick up more hours at work.
  17. Plan for the increases in income or decreases in expenses that you are anticipating in the near future.
  18. If your spouse doesn’t currently work, look into having them find a job for the time being.

If none of these options listed are options for you, call Detroit Bankruptcy Law about possibly filing a Chapter 13 case, since it will cost you less money upfront.