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  1. Has the attorney ever filed for bankruptcy?
    • If your attorney can’t manage his/her own finances, how are they going to lead someone else to financial freedom? This is an important question because you want to make sure that your attorney knows how to handle their own money if they are going to assist you with your own.
  2. How many bankruptcy cases has the attorney filed?
    • You don’t want an attorney who doesn’t practice regularly in bankruptcy. A few a month is far from being considered an expert in the topic of bankruptcy. You want someone to represent you who knows all your rights.
  3. Do they specialize in bankruptcy?
    • It’s difficult to master anything if you are practicing everything. The attorney you choose should specialize in bankruptcy and their caseload must be 90% or more in bankruptcy to do so.
  4. Are they Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorneys?
    • A board-certified attorney means that they have gone above the normal call of duty in just learning bankruptcy law. It means that they keep up with 60 hours of continual learning every 3 years in order to stay on top of the field.