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Is your car loan company threatening to take and repossess your car because you have not made payments?

Defaulting on a car loan can lead to your vehicle being repossessed Saginaw. Automobiles are repossessed more than any other assets, so we have plenty of experience at Detroit Bankruptcy Law in helping our clients retain them through fresh start legal services.

Using the counsel of our experts in bankruptcy law, hundreds of people have been able to keep their assets out of creditors’ hands. We are the most trusted bankruptcy law firm Saginaw, and we would be pleased to assist you in keeping control of your vehicle and other assets.

The expert staff at Detroit Bankruptcy Law and Rita Kostopoulos Associates truly want to help you with your case, and we have the experience to do it. Over the years, we have won hundreds of cases to help people hold onto their vehicles. Our legal counsel is the most dedicated you will find. We’ll help you protect your assets from repossession.

Once you contact us, our expert bankruptcy attorneys Saginaw are going to get to work on your case immediately. The first thing we do is reference the laws governing consumer rights and make sure that yours haven’t been violated through repossession. Give us a call today for a free consultation with the best fresh start law firm Saginaw.