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Accidents happen, and medical expenses are one of the most common reasons for bankruptcy.

No matter if a medical emergency was your fault or not, the expenses are still going to greatly affect your finances. Even if you have medical insurance, which is already expensive, there are some things that insurance doesn’t cover. This leaves you to pay out of pocket, possibly resulting in serious medical debt. If you’ve found yourself with overwhelming medical debt and want a fresh start, our bankruptcy services are able to bring you back to financial health.

Our team understands this issue

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we have had the privilege to help thousands of our clients out of high medical debt Redford over the years. We know how to get rid of medical debt, but we also understand the strain that this debt can put on your life. We want nothing more than to alleviate that stress for you. If you have debt collectors harassing you, let Detroit Bankruptcy Law help you fight back so that you can completely rid yourself of medical debt with medical debt forgiveness.

The whole purpose of bankruptcy is to give people with overwhelming debt a way out without forfeiting all of their possessions. Our Redford bankruptcy attorneys can help you understand how bankruptcy protects you with debt relief laws. Generally, for medical debt bankruptcy is the most efficient and effective way out of debt since you can get your medical debt forgiven due to financial hardship.

We serve clients all throughout Southeast Michigan, like Redford, Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, Southfield, and Dearborn. If medical debt is ruling your life, let Detroit Bankruptcy Law give you a free consultation on how to take back control.

We can give you an idea of just how much bankruptcy can help when resolving debt. Just give us a quick phone call so we can ask about your income, debts, and expenses, and we’ll be able to start on a plan for how to get rid of your medical debt.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if you qualify, can get you out of debt in as quickly as three to four months!

Medical emergencies can make a big impact on your finances. However, bankruptcy laws exist to protect people in situations like this, like a medical emergency. If you file for Redford bankruptcy, you can have your medical debt discharged.

Having a medical emergency shouldn’t have to mean high levels of debt. To make matters worse, medical emergencies can even lead to losing your job, making the prospect of debt even worse. Let us protect you from these injustices.

While medical insurance does help, it may not cover all of the costs in a serious emergency. Due to high deductibles, even a small emergency can affect your finances. If you have used your savings to pay off medical bills, never rely on your credit cards. Using a credit card to pay off medical debt just transfers your debt to a higher interest, more expensive creditor. Let us help you file for bankruptcy, since it can get rid of your debt without making you sell off assets to pay it.

With our legal knowledge and ability, we can guarantee you a fresh financial start. Usually, our clients only need about 3-4 months to get rid of their debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and it can happen even faster than that.

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we represent clients from all throughout Southeast Michigan.

We get how stressful extreme debt is, that’s why we do everything we can to be helpful to you. That includes working around you schedule for meetings, as well as structuring a payment plan that doesn’t add to your stress. You don’t need to sell off everything you own to pay back medical debt, bankruptcy can protect your assets while eliminating debt. Contact us now for more information on how bankruptcy gets rid of debt!