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Southgate, you have rights for settling with debt collectors and if creditors are harassing you!

You have to be careful about how some creditors will treat you. There are creditors who resort to illegal methods of getting their money back, like publicly embarrassing you or coercing you into payment. This kind of behavior is illegal and they know it, so if you think your rights have been violated give a call to Detroit Bankruptcy Law today and we’ll put an end to it. Using your consumer rights which every American has, we can hold abusive creditors accountable for their actions against you.

We specialize in defending against creditor harassment and have only gotten stronger in our skills over the many years we’ve spent defending our clients. We know every one of your consumer rights and how to use them in your defense, we can stop creditor harassment. Your rights are given to you by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This act says that creditors are not legally allowed to manipulate, abuse, or mislead their debtors into paying.

We can build a strong case for you to end creditor harassment Southgate using the rights you already have. Like we said, creditors know these rights and know they’re breaking the law, they just hope that you don’t know. We can help you file for bankruptcy, which makes it illegal for creditors to contact you even if they are trying to collect your debt. For the full bankruptcy period, everything your creditor wants to say to you has to go through your expert bankruptcy attorney Southgate at Detroit Bankruptcy Law first.

What is creditor harassment Southgate?

Here are the actions that are counted as creditor harassment Southgate due to the FDCPA:

  • Constantly calling in order to bother you.
  • Threatening to have you jailed, garnish your income, or take your assets without the legal authority to do so.
  • Creditors threatening to commit a crime or act of violence against you if you don’t pay.
  • Telling you that not repaying your debt is justifiable in court - this is not true.
  • Refusing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor or pretending to be someone else.

As soon as your bankruptcy Southgate is filed, creditors are notified immediately. This notification tells them of the automatic stay and that they are not allowed to directly contact you anymore. This includes through calls, emails, and any other method. They have to send everything to your expert bankruptcy lawyer Southgate at Detroit Bankruptcy Law. Some creditors sue their debtors for not paying back debts. If a creditor who has harassed you tries this, we can use their harassment as a defense which could mean that they have to pay you for the damage they’ve caused.

How can bankruptcy help you?

With the automatic stay activated by bankruptcy, creditor harassment is stopped. Even if a creditor decides to ignore this and continue to contact you illegally, then we can use this to strengthen your creditor harassment case even more.

The best bankruptcy lawyers in all of Southgate and Metro Detroit work at Detroit Bankruptcy Law. Use our high level of expertise and experience in all areas of bankruptcy to your advantage so you can end creditor harassment. You don’t need to sell off your assets to pay back your debt, bankruptcy protects them while helping you stop creditor harassment.

You’re not alone in fighting against high debt and creditor harassment, get in touch with Detroit Bankruptcy Law for a free consultation on how to get rid of your debt and stop the harassment!