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Protect your rights against creditors and/or debt collectors

There are times when creditors or debt collectors will begin to harass and embarrass you in their efforts to collect from you. Are you being called constantly or threatened? Are they calling your boss or telling others about your debt? Or are there other aggressive behaviors that they are attempting to get you to pay back your debt? If any of this is happening to you, call Detroit Bankruptcy Law immediately for a consultation.

Our team of lawyers have experience with situations like this and know what steps to take in order to get your creditors to stop and hold your debt collectors accountable for their actions. We are very comfortable with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and know that it prohibits your debt collectors from acting out in abusive, manipulative, and deceptive ways. Let us help you uphold your rights under these laws. We are also experienced with bankruptcy and know how it can be used to, at the very least, put a hold on creditors collection efforts for the duration of the bankruptcy.

What Qualifies as Creditor Harassment?

There are many different actions that can qualify as creditor harassment. These actions are some of the actions that you will be protected from under the FDCPA:

  • Using profane language when creditors speak with you
  • Threatening to commit a crime or use physical force against you
  • Telling you that your inability to repay your debt is a crime – this is false
  • Threatening negative actions against you, such as, have you arrested, garnishing your wages, or seizing your assets without having the legal ability to do so.
  • Calling you constantly to create an annoyance
  • Failing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor

Once you file for bankruptcy, your debt collector is notified. After this, they must go through your legal representative at Detroit Bankruptcy Law for any contact regarding your debt. They stop calling you and call us instead. If your debt collector decides to sue you, then it’s possible to use any creditor harassment violations as a defense and possible grounds for a countersuit. This could potentially result in an order for the creditor to pay you damages.

How Can Bankruptcy Be Beneficial to You?

If you are a debtor being harassed by creditors and debt collectors, bankruptcy is one of the best options for you. Once you file, the automatic stay will be put in place and this puts all collection efforts on hold while your debt is being addressed through bankruptcy. Creditors must stop collection efforts, any calls, and any negative actions against you.