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Taxes are not usually dischargeable in bankruptcy.

There are some ways to get them discharged through bankruptcy, though. When you file for bankruptcy Westland with the expert lawyers at Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we may be able to recoup your fines, interest payments, and back taxes. To do this, you have to meet the IRS tax debt forgiveness program Westland requirements. The knowledgeable lawyers at Kostopoulos Associates can help you see if you qualify.

Here are the requirements to qualify for IRS tax forgiveness Westland:

  1. Tax debts need to be reviewed by the IRS at least 240 days before filing for bankruptcy.
  2. Your tax returns regarding the debt must be on file for at least two years.
  3. The debt forgiveness tax you owe the IRS must be at least three years old.

If you do meet the requirements, you can get your IRS tax debt forgiven by filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy Westland. When you’re in your bankruptcy period, creditors cannot contact you in any way including for debt collection. Generally, we can get our clients debts dismissed within only 90 days of them filing their lawsuit. If you have debt that isn’t forgiven through this process, then the IRS tax debt forgiveness program will continue to pursue that debt once bankruptcy has ended.

Bankruptcy puts an automatic stay into place that protects you and your assets, so you don’t have to sell them off to pay back your debt. By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy Westland, you can schedule a payment plan with smaller installments for your whole amount of debt. There are even some situations where Chapter 13 bankruptcy will get your tax debt dismissed.

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