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How can I stop a wage garnishment right away?

If a creditor has sued you due to your debts, then a judge may decide to have your wages garnished to pay them back. This is when a portion of each paycheck is taken before you get it and given to creditors.

There doesn’t always have to be a court order, though. With debts such as overdue income tax debt, unpaid child support, or student loan debt, you can have your wages garnished without a judge’s order.

Wage garnishment can cause:

  1. Shame (your employer is involved in your financial troubles).
  2. Serious financial complications (since you are forced to make ends meet with less income). Creditors might seize up to 25% of your net pay, leaving you with little money to buy groceries or gas.

We have the expert bankruptcy lawyers who can put a stop to your wage garnishment with the correct filing of bankruptcy Southfield. With bankruptcy comes an automatic stay, which will make it illegal for creditors to even attempt debt collection from you for the full bankruptcy period.

We can help in how to stop wage garnishment Southfield and potentially get some money back for you!

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we’ve hired the best Southfield bankruptcy attorneys so that we can always put together a strong case to stop wage garnishment. If you don’t specialize in this sort of law, then the process will be confusing to go through alone. With us on your side, we can answer any questions you have while keeping the case going in the right direction to get you as much debt relief as possible. If you’re wondering how you can keep child support from garnishing your wages, how long it might take for wage garnishment to end, or anything else having to do with wage garnishment, let the professionals at Detroit Bankruptcy Law and Rita Kostopoulos Associates answer everything for you. Get in touch today so we can get started on stopping wage, income and bank garnishment!