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How can I stop a wage garnishment immediately?

A percentage of your money is taken from you and used to reimburse a trustee or debt collector when your paycheck is garnished. When this happens, the money is deducted from your salary before you get it. A borrower must first get a court judgment against you, which is obtained when a lawsuit is filed against you by a creditor or debt collector.

Wage garnishment, on the other hand, can be used to collect certain types of debts even if there is no court judgment. Unpaid child support, overdue income tax debt, and postponed student loan debt are just a few instances.

Wage garnishment can cause:

  1. Embarrassment (since your employer is dragged into your financial troubles).
  2. Severe financial adversity (since you are forced to make ends meet with less income). Creditors might seize up to 25% of your net pay, leaving you with little money to buy groceries or gas.

A creditor must first acquire a court judgment against you, which is achieved after the creditor or debt collectors file a lawsuit against you. Certain types of debts, however, can be recovered by wage garnishment even if there is no court judgment. Overdue income tax debt, unpaid child support, and defaulted student loan debt are just a few examples.

If your paycheck is being taken or is going to be garnished, we can stop it right now by filing for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, you'll obtain an automatic stay, which means your creditors' collection attempts (including wage garnishment) will come to a standstill while you're going through the process.

We can help in how to stop wage garnishment Eastpointe and possibly get some of the money back for you!

At Kostopoulos & Associates, we have The Detroit Bankruptcy Team attorneys Eastpointe you need to as a lawyer to stop wage garnishment. So, if you are concerned with how to stop child support from garnishing your wages or how long does it takes to stop a wage garnishment, we can help you explore your options for using bankruptcy to obtain relief from wage, bank, and income tax garnishment.