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How can I stop a wage garnishment immediately?

A creditor can get a court order through a lawsuit against you to take a percentage of your money from your paycheck to pay them back before you even get the money.

But with a wage garnishment, creditors can collect some kinds of debt without a court order. Things like overdue income tax debt, unpaid child support, and postponed student debt are some of the kinds.

Wage garnishment can cause:

  1. Shame (since your boss knows about your financial issues).
  2. Deep financial issues (since you are forced to make ends meet with less income). Creditors might seize up to 25% of your net pay, leaving you with little money to buy groceries or gas.

Remember that for certain kinds of debt, a creditor doesn’t need to file a lawsuit or get a court order to garnish your wages.

If you are experiencing wage garnishment or feel that it is coming soon, let us help you stop it immediately by filing for bankruptcy/. Filing for bankruptcy starts an automatic stay that will stop any creditors from trying to collect (even with wage garnishment) from you throughout the bankruptcy process.

We can help in how to stop wage garnishment Bay City and possibly get some of the money back for you!

The Detroit Bankruptcy Law team at Kostopoulos & Associates have the expertise to stop your wage garnishments. If you’ve been wondering how long it takes to stop wage garnishment, or how to stop wage garnishment, we can explain how bankruptcy will greant you relief from bank, income, and wage garnishment.