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Is your car loan company threatening to take and repossess your car because you have not made payments?

Defaulting on a car loan can lead to vehicle repossession Hazel Park. Automobiles are the most commonly repossessed of all assets, so our team at Detroit Bankruptcy law has plenty of experience in defense of our clients against repossession.

Hundreds of people have used our fresh start services to keep their automobiles out of the hands of creditors. We are the best bankruptcy law firm in Hazel Park with the most experienced attorneys, we can help you keep control of your vehicle.

We only hire experienced attorneys at Detroit Bankruptcy Law who truly care about the end result for their clients. Not only do we personally invest ourselves in each case, but we have the expertise to really make a difference for you. That’s how we have helped hundreds of clients keep their cars. If you want to make sure that creditors don’t repossess your vehicle, come to Detroit Bankruptcy Law.

The dedicated Hazel Park bankruptcy attorneys will start working on your case as soon as you contact us. We’ll start off with your consumer rights to see if there were any violations by creditors during the repossession process. Give us a call today so that we can provide you with a free consultation on how to fight back against repossession.