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Accidents happen, and medical expenses are one of the most reported causes of bankruptcy.

Medical insurance may protect against some costs, but it’s expensive on its own. If you don’t have insurance, then costs for a medical emergency can be astronomical. No matter how hard you work, getting out of extreme medical debt can feel impossible.  Let our team of expert attorneys help you use bankruptcy to get rid of all your medical debt.

Detroit Bankruptcy Law understands your situation.

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, our Redford lawyers have seen every amount of medical debt from emergency care, and we have helped thousands and thousands of clients free themselves from extreme debt. We’ll get those harassing debt collectors off your back by getting you medical debt forgiveness. Bankruptcy was made in the first place to help people who have the same troubles as you, letting you get your finances back on track before the debt grows even larger.

The lawyers Redford at Detroit Bankruptcy Law have experience using bankruptcy to get rid of medical debt, and we can use it to get you qualified for medical debt forgiveness.

We represent clients throughout Southeast Michigan, including Redford, Bloomfield Hills, Southfield, Flint, Ann Arbor, and Novi. You shouldn’t have to live a life buried under medical expenses and debt, let us give you a free consultation on how to free yourself from debt.

We’ll show you how bankruptcy gets rid of your debt, just give us a quick phone call. We’ll ask about your income, expenses, debts, and assets to give you a picture of what bankruptcy can do for you. You are not alone in the fight against medical debt, let our expert attorneys help you out.

If you qualify, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you get out of debt in as little as three to four months!

Medical debt can start out at very high levels, making the potential for extreme debt high as well as it grows larger and larger. For people with high medical debt and other extreme debt, bankruptcy was created for you. With bankruptcy, you may even have your Redford medical debt wiped away completely.

If having a medical emergency or caring for a loved one who had an emergency has cost you your job, we want to help. You don’t deserve to lose your job for doing the right thing or taking the time you needed to recover.

If you’ve already used your savings up in paying off debt, please don’t resort to using credit cards. This only makes debt worse, as credit cards have a higher interest rate, so it grows faster. Bankruptcy will stop interest on your debts, letting you protect your assets.

We have made bankruptcy our specialty, this specialization allows us to offer fresh start legal services. We have been able to get most of our clients’ debt completely cleared, even when they had extreme medical debt.

We represent clients from all throughout Southeast Michigan and Hazel Park at Detroit Bankruptcy Law.

We’re here for you and we will do everything we can to make the bankruptcy process stress free. We’ll schedule meetings that work for your schedule, and we’ll set up a payment plan that is affordable for your budget. With our knowledge of bankruptcy and expert legal team, we can get rid of your medical debt following a medical emergency. Contact us now to find out how Detroit Bankruptcy Law can get rid of your medical debt!