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Redford stop foreclosure with qualified bankruptcy legal services!

Facing foreclosure, you will understandably be worried and feel isolated. However, Chapter 7 pr Chapter 13 bankruptcy Redford can protect your home, which is important not just because of its meaning to you, but also the size of the investment. Bankruptcy puts an automatic stay into place which stops foreclosure proceedings until your bankruptcy period ends. The experts at Detroit Bankruptcy Law can show you how powerful bankruptcy is for stopping foreclosure.

The automatic stay pauses foreclosure proceedings, which means you can stay in your home no matter if there was an eviction notice served. Foreclosure doesn’t need to mean losing your home, Detroit Bankruptcy Law and Rita Kostopoulos Associates can help protect your assets.

Let our expert Redford attorneys come up with the best strategy for debt relief. We’ll use this strategy to protect your home and get rid of your debts.

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure and let me keep my home?

If you’ve missed some mortgage payments, you could be facing foreclosure. This means that your home will be repossessed and sold at a sheriff’s auction to pay off your debt. It won’t happen right away, but it doesn’t take many missed payments. Our experienced lawyers can stop this from happening.

If you decide to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then it will put a hold on foreclosure proceedings. This is due to the automatic stay that is activated, keeping you in your home during the bankruptcy period.

Even if your home has already been repossessed, we may be able to help. If it hasn’t been auctioned off yet, then we can stop the sale with bankruptcy. The choice of bankruptcy you go with will have different meanings for your case, so it’s important to have an expert lawyer to know for sure what will happen.

Bankruptcy may not be your only choice for protecting your house. It may be the case that there are other debt relief options available, like a loan modification or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. We will check out every option available for you to see which is best.

Expert advice for Redford bankruptcy

We are at our happiest when we can keep our clients comfortable in their homes. Detroit Bankruptcy Law has been able to keep more than 10,000 clients in their homes with bankruptcy. We have the expertise to make the confusing process of bankruptcy simple for you. Don’t let an eviction notice or foreclosure make you give up on your home, the experienced lawyers at Detroit Bankruptcy Law can help!