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Wage Garnishment Help Redford

Can I stop wage garnishment right now?

You could stop wage garnishment in very little time. If you have a creditor who arranged for your boss to subtract part of your pay to give to them before you get it, then your wages are being garnished. They can even do this without a court order in some cases. If you have past due income tax, unpaid child support, or student loan debt, among other kinds of debts, then your wages can be garnished without a court getting involved.

Stop Wage Garnishment Redford

Wage garnishment can cause:

  1. Public embarrassment (since your employer is notified of your financial situation).
  2. Financial hardship (since you have to make ends meet with less income). Creditors might take much as 25% of your pay, leaving you with less than you need for daily expenses.

With bankruptcy, you’ll pause wage garnishment. This is due to an automatic stay that bankruptcy starts, which makes it illegal for creditors to try any sort of collection attempts for your full bankruptcy period. They aren’t allowed to collect your debt in any way, including wage garnishment.

Redford Wage Garnishment Relief

We can help stop wage garnishment and possibly get some of your money back for you!

You need the best bankruptcy attorneys you can get to get your best result, and the best attorneys around work at Detroit Bankruptcy Law and Kostopoulos Associates. With our genuine care for each client and our deep knowledge of bankruptcy laws, we’ll make the process go smoothly for you while being tough on creditors. If you want to learn how you can stop wage, bank, and income garnishment, get in touch with us today!