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You have the legal right to settle with debt collectors and stop harassment from creditors!

It doesn’t matter if your debt was the result of mistakes or bad luck, it all looks the same to some creditors. There are creditors who stoop low enough to harass debtors for their money back. If you think that you have been harassed by creditors, then they have violated your rights and you should call Detroit Bankruptcy Law right away. Examples of creditor harassment include things like negotiating your debt with your boss behind your back. Detroit Bankruptcy Law will offer you a free consultation to check if your rights have been violated. We are the number one Redford creditor harassment defense law firm.

In our many decades of creditor harassment defense, we have become familiar with all of their tricks. We know how to stop harassment from creditors and hold them accountable. The Federal Debt Collection Fair Practices Act (FDCPA) protects you against any abuse, deception, or manipulation during debt collection attempts. We can use your rights to stop harassment from creditors.

What is creditor harassment?

Although creditors may knowingly break the law in their debt collection practices, the FDCPA gives you the power to hold them accountable for their creditor harassment Redford. These are some of the behaviors that are illegal:

  • Threatening you with negative consequences, such as incarceration, wage garnishment, or asset seizure without the legal right to do so.
  • Advising you that your refusal to pay your debt is a criminal offense.
  • When discussing with creditors, threatening to commit a crime or use physical assault.
  • Constantly calling you in order to irritate you.
  • When dealing with creditors, threatening to commit a crime or use physical assault.
  • Failing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor.

As soon as you file for bankruptcy Redford, you are protected from creditors. They are sent a notification immediately, and an automatic stay goes into place. This means they aren’t allowed to directly contact you by any means, including email, phone calls, or in person. They have to send all communication to your lawyers at Detroit Bankruptcy Law. If they decide to ignore this automatic stay, then they are breaking the law. You can use their actions as a defense in court, and you may end up getting them to pay you.

Can bankruptcy fix this issue?

Bankruptcy is a surefire way to stop creditor harassment. The automatic stay that protects you stays in place throughout your entire bankruptcy period. By the time your bankruptcy period ends, you debt will be settled and they won’t need to contact you.

We always make a point to hire the most professional bankruptcy attorneys in Redford, Detroit, and the metro area. With our strong team, board certifications, and large background of experience, there is no financial issue we can’t fix. To find out more about stopping harassment and settling credit card debt, get in touch with Detroit Bankruptcy Law today to get a free consultation!