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Wage Garnishment Help Hazel Park

Can I stop wage garnishment right now?

You may be able to stop wage garnishment very soon. If your payment is being subtracted from to pay back a creditor before you get it, then your wages are being garnished. Not all wage garnishments require a court order. Things like student loan debt, past-due income tax, or unpaid child support can be reasons to garnish your wages without getting a judge involved.

Stop Wage Garnishment Hazel Park

Wage garnishment can cause:

  1. Shame (since your employer is notified of your financial situation).
  2. Financial hardship (since you have to make ends meet with less income). Creditors might take much as 25% of your pay, leaving you with less than you need for daily expenses.

You can put a pause on wage garnishment by using bankruptcy to activate an automatic stay. This automatic stay makes it against the law for creditors to attempt collection on your debt throughout the whole bankruptcy period. They can’t collect in any way, even with wage garnishment.

Hazel Park Wage Garnishment Relief

We can help stop wage garnishment and possibly get some of your money back for you!

The best bankruptcy attorneys in the area work at Kostopoulos Law and Detroit Bankruptcy Law. We’ve got the knowledge and the caring attitude to help you through the process, explaining your options for stopping wage garnishment. Give us a call now to learn how filing for bankruptcy can put an end to wage, income, and bank garnishment!