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You have the legal right to settle with debt collectors and stop harassment from creditors!

Creditors and debt collectors don’t care how you got into debt; they want to get the money from you either way. Most creditors and debt collectors follow the laws on debt collection, but there are those out there who will break the law by harassing you in order to get their money back. If the way that they’re going about their debt collection feels illegal, it probably is. Get in touch with Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we can tell if you they have broken the law and we can hold them accountable. There are a range of debt collection practices that count as creditor harassment, such as coercion or discussing your debt with your boss. Get a free consultation from the best Dearborn bankruptcy firm at Detroit Bankruptcy law so you can learn how to stop creditor harassment.

There isn’t a single trick a creditor can try that we haven’t seen and defended against in our many years protecting clients against creditor harassment. With our resources and knowledge, we can put a stop to creditors who are harassing you as well as take them to court so that they answer for their crimes. You are protected from creditor harassment in every form by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which makes it illegal for creditors to use abuse, deception, or manipulation in their collection attempts. If a creditor has violated the law in any of these ways, give us a call so we can use the FDCPA to hold them accountable.

What is creditor harassment?

Creditors know the laws of fair debt collection, so if they are breaking them they are doing it on purpose. Here are some of the behaviors that count as creditor harassment Dearborn that the FDCPA considers illegal:

  • Threatening you with negative consequences, such as incarceration, wage garnishment, or asset seizure without the legal right to do so.
  • Advising you that your refusal to pay your debt is a criminal offense.
  • When discussing with creditors, threatening to commit a crime or use physical assault.
  • Constantly calling you in order to irritate you.
  • When dealing with creditors, threatening to commit a crime or use physical assault.
  • Failing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor.

You can stop creditor harassment right away through filing bankruptcy Dearborn, which makes it illegal for a creditor to contact you in any way even if it’s a collection attempt. This is due to an automatic stay which the creditors are notified of immediately. It means they can’t call you, see you in person, email you, or any other form of contact. Instead, they have to go through your lawyers at Detroit Bankruptcy Law to get any kind of communication to you. If they broke the law before, they may ignore the automatic stay and keep contacting you. If they choose to do this, it only strengthens your case against them for creditor harassment. Chances are, they would end up paying you for damages.

Can bankruptcy fix this issue?

Yes it can, the automatic stay makes contact with you illegal for the creditors. Your automatic stay is in effect for the full period of your bankruptcy, so you’re protected from contact that whole time. Plus, your bankruptcy should end after your debts have been settled, so they won’t need to contact you anymore anyway.

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we only hire the most experienced and successful bankruptcy attorneys in Dearborn and the Detroit metro area. Because of our deep legal team, wide base of experience, and numerous board certifications, we can solve any and all of your financial issues. If you want to put an immediate stop to harassment while also clearing your credit card debt, call Detroit Bankruptcy Law for a free consultation on how to do that!