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You have rights against how to settle with debt collectors and if you are being harassed by creditors!

In order to recover money from you, creditors or debt collectors may continue to harass and embarrass you. Is it common for you to be harassed or intimidated? Is it possible that your debt is being discussed with your employer or others? Or are there any other coercive techniques they're employing to persuade you to pay your debt? If you identify with any of the following, please contact us for a consultation as one of the leading creditor harassment lawyers Warren.

Our legal team has dealt with similar circumstances before and understands how to stop creditor harassment and what procedures to take to hold debt collectors accountable. We are well-versed in the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which forbids your debt collectors from engaging in abusive, manipulative, or misleading behavior.

If you are asking yourself, “how do you stop harassing phone calls from creditors,” let us help you uphold your rights under these laws. We are also experienced with bankruptcy and know how it can be used to, at the very least, put a hold on creditors' collection efforts for the duration of the bankruptcy.

What is creditor harassment?

There are many different actions that can qualify as creditor harassment Warren. These actions are some of the actions that you will be protected from under the FDCPA:

  • Threatening to commit a crime or use physical force when speaking with creditors.
  • Threatening to commit a crime or use physical force when speaking with creditors.
  • Threatening negative measures against you, such as having you jailed, garnishing your income, or taking your assets without having the legal authority to do so.
  • Telling you that your failure to repay your debt is justifiable in court - this is incorrect.
  • Constantly calling you in order to irritate you.
  • Failing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor.

Your debt collector will be contacted after you file bankruptcy Warren. After then, all contact involving your debt must go through your legal counsel at Detroit Bankruptcy Law, whether it’s creditor harassment after chapter 7, chapter 13, and more. They cease contacting you and instead contact us. If your debt collector sues you, you can cite any creditor harassment violations as a defense and perhaps as grounds for a countersuit. This could result in an order for the creditor to pay you damages.

How can bankruptcy be beneficial for you?

If you are a debtor who is being pursued by creditors and debt collectors, bankruptcy may be one of your best choices. When you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay is activated, which puts a stop to any collection attempts while your debt is being resolved through bankruptcy. Creditors must cease all collection efforts, phone calls, and other unpleasant acts directed at you.

As some of the most qualified bankruptcy lawyers in Warren, Detroit, and the surrounding metropolitan area, the Detroit Bankruptcy Law team will speak with you regarding your case. Because we have years of experience and are board-certified in our field in negotiating creditor harassment, we can assist you in determining the best road to financial independence.

We're here to help you with any legal issues, and we're always here to help you with any financial problems you might be having, such as how to pay off credit card debt. Call right now to get your case tailored so you can gain the benefits of learning how to settle creditor harassment and ultimately live a life free of debt!