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Have you had enough of worrying over consolidating credit card debt Redford? It's past time to put a stop to it.

If your level of debt forces you to use money that should be spent on daily living expenses to keep your debt from growing even faster, then let our experienced attorneys assist you. With bankruptcy, this problem doesn’t exist. Bankruptcy stops creditors from any collection attempts all the way through until your debt is resolved.

We’ve seen the speed at which credit card debt grows, no matter how much you try to stay on top of it. A big emergency expense can quickly turn into a large amount of debt because of high-interest rates. If you end up missing payments, then your interest rates get even higher, even as high as 24.99%. If that wasn’t enough, credit card companies have no problem hitting you with fees and penalties on top of it all.

Because of this setup, it’s no mystery how people can get behind on their credit card debt. If you feel like you have no way to overcome the debt, consider bankruptcy. We call our bankruptcy services ‘fresh start’ services since they can pause collection attempts until you’ve paid off your debt.

Stop the stress and contact Detroit Bankruptcy Law Redford MI today.

With our experienced attorneys working for you, you’ll be able to settle credit card debt and get yourself a fresh financial start. Get in touch with us now and we’ll schedule a free consultation so you can learn how bankruptcy is a great tool for getting rid of credit card debt.

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we only staff our team with the best and most caring attorneys, since that’s what someone in high levels of debt needs. We can assist you in filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get rid of credit card debt, and we can also check for other debt-relief options. It makes us sick to see how some less qualified law firms will take bankruptcy cases just to make money without actually helping their clients. We don’t like to see people taken advantage of, that’s why we give our full effort and use all of our expertise to make a truly positive impact on our clients’ financial situations and lives. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we want to make a difference.

If you’re looking for the best attorneys in Redford and Detroit, come to Detroit Bankruptcy Law. We have the experience and the board certifications to back up our counsel, we will help you out of your credit card debt no matter the amount.

Hire the best so that you can eliminate your financial issues once and for all. We can guide you through the bankruptcy process and protect you in any legal battles that may arise due to your debt. Call today and we’ll set up a free consultation that explains how we can solve your credit card debt!