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Hazel Park, you have rights for settling with debt collectors and if creditors are harassing you!

There are creditors out there who will hire debt collectors to harass their debtors in order to get their money back. If you’ve ever experienced creditor harassment, like public embarrassment or other coercive techniques, our Hazel Park bankruptcy law firm can hold those creditors responsible.

We specialize in defending against creditor harassment, we have built up decades of experience in stopping them. According to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), it is against the law for creditors to mislead, manipulate, or abuse their debtors in any way during the debt collection process.

When you know your rights in debt collection, you can stop creditor harassment. We can show you how bankruptcy puts an end to collection attempts and even direct contact throughout the entire period of bankruptcy.

What is creditor harassment?

The following are behaviors that qualify as creditor harassment Hazel Park according to the FDCPA:

  • Constantly calling in order to bother you.
  • Threatening to have you jailed, garnish your income, or take your assets without the legal authority.
  • Creditors threatening to commit a crime or act of violence against you.
  • Telling you that not repaying your debt is justifiable in court - this is not true.
  • Refusing to disclose their identity as someone who represents the debt collector or creditor.

The moment you file for bankruptcy Hazel Park, creditors are given a notice. Once they receive that notice, from that point on they are not allowed to communicate with you directly in any way, including phone calls or mail. Every communication from creditors must go through your attorneys at Detroit Bankruptcy Law or it is illegal. If your creditor decides to countersue you and they have harassed you at any point during your debt, you can use their harassment as a defense. If it is found that they did violate the law and harass you, then they will have to pay you money.

How can bankruptcy help you?

If you find that debt collectors and creditors are harassing you regularly, then bankruptcy can stop that. This is because of the automatic stay activated by bankruptcy, and this stay means that creditors have to stop trying to collect your debt until your bankruptcy period ends. They cannot contact you in any way either.

At Detroit Bankruptcy Law, we only hire the best bankruptcy attorneys in Hazel Park, Detroit, and the surrounding areas. With our experience, we can keep your assets protected and stop creditor harassment while figuring out how to settle your debt.

We can help you with any financial problems, and that includes credit card debt. Get in touch today and we’ll schedule you for a free consultation about the ways you can get out from under credit card debt and stop those harassing calls!