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Have you had enough of worrying over consolidating credit card debt Taylor? It's past time to put a stop to it.

You shouldn’t have to take money away from daily living expenses like food just to keep your credit card debt from growing. We can help you use bankruptcy to stop interest from growing so that you don’t have to sacrifice your needs to keep debt under control. Using bankruptcy, you can stop any creditor collection attempts until your bankruptcy ends.

The way credit cards are set up creates a cycle of debt that can grow very fast once it starts to increase. If you have an emergency and need to put a large charge on your card, it can quickly grow due to the high interest rates. If you miss payments, your interest rate can get as high as 24.99%.

It’s no surprise that an interest rate like that can lead to extreme debt that’s very hard to get out of through payment alone. If your credit card debt is growing faster than you can pay it off, bankruptcy is a strong choice for clearing it. That’s why we call our bankruptcy services “fresh start” services, since they will pause collection attempts, allowing you to settle your debt for a brand new financial start.

Stop the stress and contact Detroit Bankruptcy Law Taylor MI today.

If you’re looking to completely get rid of credit card debt, then you’ll need a bankruptcy lawyer Taylor with experience in doing that. Detroit Bankruptcy Law can give you a free consultation on resolving credit card debt completely through bankruptcy.

Detroit Bankruptcy Law doesn’t just look for our lawyers to have the necessary experience and success. That’s something we want, but it’s not the only qualification. Our lawyers must be strong in ethics, too. We would never allow our lawyers to take advantage of a client for a quick payday, so we make sure they have a strong ethical record before we hire them. We can help you find out if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy would work best for you, and if not then we’ll look at other debt-relief options available. We’re here to eliminate your debt and the stress that comes with it, so you can live a debt-free life. Take advantage of the full weight of our experience and resources to get rid of your debt.

To get the best bankruptcy lawyer in Taylor and the Detroit area, give a call to Detroit Bankruptcy Law. With out board certifications and years of experience, we know exactly how to settle any amount of credit card debt. Let us give you a free consultation on getting rid of credit card debt, call now!