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How Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys Saginaw can help you now!

Known as the debt consolidation chapter, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put an end to your debts’ interest, allowing you to pay them off as soon as 3-5 years. For those with late vehicle and mortgage payments, a large debt to the IRS, or a high income, this is the chapter for you.

We can help get rid of your debt, don’t let it keep growing. For a free consultation with expert lawyers, come to Detroit Bankruptcy Law. We have helped thousands of people with debt like yours. We can use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to settle your debt.

Bankruptcy can be stressful, and we get that, but also we’re here to have your back during the process. Get in touch with Rita Kostopoulos Law and Detroit Bankruptcy Law for expert help in getting your finances back on track. We have helped thousands of clients to financial freedom using Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We are among America’s Top 50 bankruptcy lawyers!

Not just any lawyer can truly help you with your debt, you need someone proven and trusted. Take the time to pick someone who has the experience to do things right, and who actually cares. Here are some of our accolades:

  • Being listed in America’s Top 50 Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Top 100 Firm by the Debt Education and Certification Foundation (DECAF)
  • Attorney Rita Kostopoulos has a Real Estate Broker’s license
  • Attorney Rita Kostopoulos is a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist by the American Board of Certification
  • Past President of the Hellenic Bar Association
  • Current member of the State Bar of Michigan
  • Current member of the State Bar of California

To get the best result when filing for bankruptcy, you need the best legal counsel possible. We at Detroit Bankruptcy Law have received repeated recognition for our legal success, professional ability, and solid ethics.

Why a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Saginaw might be the best fit:

  1. We can help people prevent or avoid losing their house to foreclosure.
  2. You can get rid of any past-due mortgage payments while remaining on top of the commitments that are currently part of your repayment plan.
  3. You may reorganize your repayment plan with a new timetable, which may help you save money in the long run.
  4. Chapter 13 helps protect co-signers or any other third parties.
  5. The law forbids creditors to begin or continue collection efforts during the repayment plan, so this means the end of any creditor harassment.

Call the best fresh start attorney group today to review your claim!

We can help you make the right choice between bankruptcy and other debt-relief solutions. We have the resources, expertise, and experience to help you figure out which solution will help you the most in getting out of debt.