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Let our Board Certified Bankruptcy Specialists help you take control of your debt.

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Credit Card Debit

Credit card debt is eliminated through bankruptcy. For most of our clients, it makes a difference when most of their finances are dedicated to barely surviving,falling further behind, and being able to pay for their...

Creditor Harassment

Detroit Bankruptcy Law wants to protect your rights against creditors and/or debt collectors. There are times when creditors or debt collectors will begin to harass and embarrass you in their efforts to collect from you...


The thought of losing your home to a foreclosure would make just about anyone feel distressed. Your home is a safe place, your refuge, a sanctuary of a sort and a large investment that you made...

Tax Forgiveness

In many cases, taxes cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, there is are exceptions to almost any rule. Filing for bankruptcy can leave you with back taxes, interest, and penalties being discharged.

Medical Expenses

Medical is one of the leading causes for filing bankruptcy because accidents happen. Life happens and medical emergencies are never intentional. Health care comes at a high cost these days and can be devastating ...

Facing Repossession

Is your car loan company threatening to repossess your car because you have not made payments? If you have defaulted on a loan to a lender or creditor, you are at risk of repossession...

Wage Garnishment

Is your paycheck being garnished? Wage garnishment occurs when a certain portion of your paycheck is taken from you and used to pay back a creditor or debt collector. When this happens, your employer takes the money...

Student Loans

Many Americans feel stressed because they are not able to make ends meet to pay their bills every year. There are many that don’t know what options are available to them and they become frustrated ...

Is bankruptcy the right decision for me?

There are many options to resolve your debt; some include bankruptcy and others do not. If you are curious about whether or not bankruptcy would work for you then you should research all of your options. Detroit Bankruptcy Law will provide you with a free in-depth consultation with one of our experienced attorneys who has helped thousands of others just like you. You have nothing to lose by scheduling your consultation to find out if it’s the right option for you.

Will filing for bankruptcy protection help me?

Yes, it will. The first thing filing will do is immediately stop all collection efforts by creditors. It will stop phone calls, current lawsuits, wage garnishments and even bank levies. Chapter 7 will eliminate most of your debts, if not all of them forever. Chapter 13 will allow you time to consolidate your debts and allow you to pay back every dollar.

What is the most common myth about bankruptcy?

The most common bankruptcy myth is that you will lose everything. This just simply isn’t the case. Most of our clients are able to keep everything they own throughout the entire process. Beware of basing your decisions off large amounts of misinformation that you can find on the internet these days – it can be quite dangerous. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn the truth of it all. If you work with a bankruptcy expert, the process can be much easier than you think.

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Thank you to your entire courteous and knowledgeable staff. I truly appreciate the manner in which my many questions were answered with patience and the utmost professionalism throughout the entire process.


Thanks Guys! I will ‘sing your praises’ to family and friends. Keep up the good work!

Kostopoulos & Associates were very professional and on time for me to start a new and fresh beginning.

Kimberly J.

My husband and I would like to thank you and your staff for helping us through our bankruptcy. Every single member of your staff that we had contact with should be applauded for their knowledge, caring, and for making us feel welcome and putting us a...

John and Susan K.

Thanks Guys! I will ‘sing your praises’ to family and friends. Keep up the good work!

Great Process! Streamlined, no surprises. I liked the ability to give payments via their payment plan.

Diane E.

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